Dice Masters Marvel X-Men Forever Campaign Box


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Players can pit theX-Menagainst theBrotherhoodorHellfire Clubor mix them together for a blend of righteousness and villainy. Whether players are interested in a game or two before the latest superhero blockbuster or building the perfect team, this is a release that can?t be missed!This release is perfect for beginners and Dice Masters veterans alike. Even if you’ve never readX-Mencomics, this is an exciting entry point to the adventures of Xavier?s top students! Featuring more than a dozen characters (and their dice!), theMarvel Dice Masters: X-Men Forever Campaign Boxwill be sure to deliver an epic experience! What?s a Campaign Box?A Campaign Box is fixed content in a large box, and has everything 2 players need to start playing Dice Masters like Sidekick Dice, Basic Action Dice, rules, and Dice Bags.30 minute play time.Ages 14 years and up.2 players.


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