KMC Hypermat Black 50 Count


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Hyper Mat Premium series are produced by adopting non-reflective materials for the clear side of Hyper Mat series, scratch resistant by embossing finish. Hyper Mat Premium series are most highly graded card sleeve with fully matted feature suitable for card game tournaments.These Hyper Mat “Premium” sleeves are far less slick than anything on the market. Easier to shuffle and easier to keep stacked! With the non-reflective clear front they are far easier to read then standard Hyper Mat sleeves!Features:Hyper Matte Backed sleeves are Low Gloss backs and fronts and less slick perfect for tournament useEach 50ct pack contains – 50ct packBoxes contain 30 packsCases contain 6 boxes (180 packs)Size = 91 x 66mm.12mm Thick


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