Spot It! (Box Version)


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Think you’ve got what it takes to spot it? Spot It! is an ideal game for players of all ages, adults and kids alike. The game is super fun, interactive and fast-paced, sure to get everyone involved in no time at all. The winner of various awards across the world with a challenging game play, Spot it! has over the years grown to be a family-favorite card game. The game features various cards. All of the cards display a series of pictures, some easily recognizable and easy to spot, while some are more challenging, while every two cards will always have a pair. Spot it! utilizes a unique and easy game mechanic to bring to life five different mini games, where you and your kids take turns to spot similarities between symbols. Play it once or mix it up and play the game with your own house rules to make things interesting! With over 55 unique cards and countless opportunities for matching, you’ll never want to stop! Gender: unisex.


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