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The 3rd World War was referred, by many, as the last war because of the vastness of destruction that it has caused. Everywhere around the world, mankind suffered great casualties and horror – but a few survivors that had the power and rhe resources build mighty cities al around the world to gain strength and rule again. The cities that were built each had a unique aspect: They contained golden metallic walls, symbolizing hope. Thus, they were named the Golden Cities.This game takes place five years after the Last War, with the players taking on the role of people vying for citizenship within a Golden City.Contents:5 character boards9 city map tiles1 helipad tile10 global event cards50 raid cards70 item cards30 incident cards11 quest cards50 house tiles1 outpost tile4 black market tiles2 helipad tokens6 guard tokens130 resource tokens5 credit discs1 raid die5 different combat dice5 miniatures1 outpost miniature1 cloth bag1 EN rulebook


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